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Old 08-10-2007, 09:23 AM
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Lightbulb moving quality

the qualityMotion parameter used for change the quality of the panorama moving.
but, in fact it's change all of flash movie quality.
If my graphical interface is create with somes png of jpeg files, i have no big problem.
but, i'm create buttons and controls graphics in flash.
When i'm move the panorama, the quality is very bad on flash graphics.

I have test to change qualityMotion parameter to hig, or best, is very good, but the virtual tour is now a big charge for CPU of PC's.

Can it's possible to affect only quality of panorama on moving ?
I have think about a couple faces of cube: the first in the good quality for static, and in the other hand a low quality for moving.
What do you think about this idea.

see you.
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