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Old 08-06-2007, 10:49 AM
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Default I want to buy your software - some questions...

Hi Denis!
I have some questions on your great software!

1. I've decided to buy it and filled the form on I've chosen the bank-transfer. Am I right if I live in Petersburg?
2. Can I put your pluggin into any flash-site? Can I import it into FLA or SWF file?
3. Can redesign, edit or change any part of menu or loading menu in the module? Coud I edit the file or add elements into it as in any other FLA-file?
4. Are there any particular requarements for your pluggin to the process of shooting the panorama and the following assambling it?
5. Or the pluggin just works with a mov-file?
6. If I think to create a virtual presentation of a flat with map of it as a directing menu can every panorama to load into one the same SWF-file on choosing it from the common menu-map?

Waiting for your reply!
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