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Default multi xml files for one panoramic show


is it posible to use more than one xml file for per panoramic show? i tried xml's "ENTITIES" property but while explorers parse it right flash cant understand it.

when you use a couple of show in your project but what if you have to use 100's of them. i dont want to use some constant global configrations in each show's xml file.

so the bottom line is how can i use more than one xml file for a show?

thank you

p.s: i want to use swf to present show, so i havent tried to override xml from url, js. etc. this isnt a solution for my situation.

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as I think, it is possible to use 2 xml but there has to be done something in pano.swf - pano.fla by Denis . ( hopefully you have time to do it Denis, thanks anyway )
I have flash slide show and it is using 2 different xml codes . First in html page as initxml, and second is as xml_file. the basic codes are loaded by html and rest of them by the xml file.
if someone needs that codes, I can send , no problem

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I am not sure I understand the question. the new fpp can load a new xml file with each pano, but I am guessing that is too obvious, so that must not be what you are asking about.

What do you mean by a show? is it a tour made up of multiple panorama, one single panorama, or something else.

Please help me with your question is and what it is that you are trying to accomplish, and I will see whether I have any suggestions to help...
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