How do I install a component?

The Flash Panorama Player does not require any installation. You will get a zip package that will contain application files (in swf format) and the full set of tutorial files in html format (read here an example how to use Flash Panorama Player application to publish your panorama).

What requirements need to be met to use this product?

Only one: Adobe Flash Player 9 (free to download). Flash Panorama Player uses the last version of the Flash Player to provide best quality and perfomance for your panoramas.

Will these components work on both Windows and Mac?

Yes. Adobe Flash Player solutions are cross platform and should work and behave the same way on Windows, MAC and Linux.

What image format does Flash Panorama Player support?

Flash Panorama Player supports cube faces images (jpg, png, gif or swf file format) and cube stripes (6 cube faces placed in a single file).

How long does it take to get the product that I ordered?

All ordering and delivery options are provided by shareit.com service. They supply detailed information about your order process realtime and have 24 hours customer support. In most cases you will get an email with full version of the Flash Panorama Player within 1-2 hours.

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