Easy to use

Flash Panorama Player is a ready-to-use application. No Flash experience required. Just place one small .swf file to your web page and set the path to your panorama images.

Intuitive panorama controls

Interface of the Flash Panorama Player application is simple and intuitive. Just click and drag your mouse to easily pan left, right, up or down. Additional controls: keyboard buttons "Left", "Right", "Up" and "Down" make the panning as well, the mouse wheel and buttons "Shift", "Ctrl" control zoom, button "Home" returns to the default values of pan, tilt and zoom.


Flash Panorama Player supports plugins (small applications in swf format). Any additional functionality can be implemented using these extensions without changing the Flash Panorama Player main application. Currently available plugins:

  1. Hotspots (supports audio/video, distorted hotspots, has internal language to write scenarios)
  2. movDecoder (allows to load QTVR files)
  3. cylDecoder (supports cylindrical/spherical/partial panoramas)
  4. Autorotator (easy way to add automatic rotation to the panorama)
  5. Limits (plugin to restrict panorama movement for cylindrical/partial panoramas)
  6. Flash version detector with "Express Install" support.
  7. Fullscreen switcher

In development:

  1. LensFlare effects plugin
  2. TootTips plugin for hotspots
  3. New mp3 player

All plugins (current and future verions) are free to download for Flash Panorama Player customers.


Flash Panorama Player package includes a set of detailed tutorials intended for inexperienced users. Read the example here.

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