Key features

Syntax of Hotspots parameters

  1. Introduction
  2. Objects (global, pano, spot, external)
  3. Functions
  4. Assignments and motion tweens

Parameters description

  1. Global object parameters
  2. Pano object parameters
  3. Spot object parameters

Debug panorama application

Key features

  1. Hotspot objects can load external images (jpg, png or gif) or Flash movies (swf files compiled for 1-9 Flash Player version). It's possible to load external Flash applications and streaming audio/video content. See spot url property for more info.
  2. All parameters described by Hotspots XML can be changed using internal script at runtime; you can change parameters instantly or use motion tweens, you can change functions themselves, you can call functions and run effects one by one using onDone and onInterrupt events, you can change parameters of external plugins (like Borders and Autorotation).
  3. It is possible to load new panorama images with loadPano command, you can control transition effect, new panorama position, new borders and autorotation setting, and you can make even your own custom transition effects (see onTransitionStart example).
  4. linked parameter is a simple way to set a configuration of hotspots for every panorama in a panorama tour. Just point the linked panorama name and hotspots will be automatically loaded/unloaded depends on current panorama image.
  5. You can apply various Flash visual effects to panorama application as a whole and use them separately to the panorama image and for every hotspot. Current version of Hotspots plugin provides 5 visual effects: hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and blur.
  6. You can debug your panorama application.

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