All examples are adapted to work online, but some actions can be failed offline because of security restrictions.

The first step. If you have any problem to see examples is to change Flash Player security options (this allows to avoid most of problems):

  1. Go to this page: (you can open it from Flash as well: Settings -> Advanced -> Global Security Settings)
  2. Add folder with Flash Panorama Player to the trusted list or add whole your developing folder to the trusted list (Edit locations -> Add location -> Browse for folders).

This will remove in particular the problem when you see "loading: failed" for all examples.

Other possible problems:

All examples work OK except bw_preview_detection.html: some browsers can block reloading of stage for Flash movie offline. Try another browser.

All examples work OK except externalTest.html: some browsers block LocalConnection offline. Try another browser.

All examples look like gray screen with text "This content requires Adobe Flash Player and a browser with JavaScript enabled". Possible problems:

  1. Some files were lost in your FPP folder. Check existence of examples/files/swfObject.js and examples/files/pano.swf.
  2. Your browser has no Flash Plugin or Javascript is disabled. Check your Flash Player or Javascript settings. Try another browser.
  3. Your offline security level is too high. Upload examples to any server to test them. You can use as well a local web server like http://localhost/.
Example 1. This content requires Adobe Flash Player.
Example 2. This content requires Adobe Flash Player.

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